Chinese Boat Sunk | Chinese fishing vessel sinks in Indian Ocean, 39 missing

Representative Photo Beijing: A Chinese fishing boat has sunk in the Indian Ocean and all 39 crew members on board are missing. China’s official media has reported about this. The ‘CCTV’ channel has said that the incident of sinking of the boat took place at around 3 am on Tuesday. The crew included 17 from China, 17 from Indonesia and five from the Philippines, the news said. Chinese leader Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang have ordered Chinese diplomats posted overseas, as well as the ministries of agriculture and transportation, to assist in the search for survivors. Chinese fishing vessel capsizes in Indian Ocean, 39 missing onboard Read @ANI Story | #IndianOcean #Chinesevesselcapsizes — ANI Digital (@ani_digital) May 17, 2023 Ltd. and operated in the maritime region of the eastern province of Shandong. At present, the search is on for the missing people in the sunken boat. Information about how the boat sank has not been found. (with agency inputs)

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