China News | Stubbornness to lose weight became overwhelming, girl died while doing workout

Image-Social Media New Delhi: Generally, excess weight creates many problems for health. In such a situation, people do many types of measures to lose weight, some do yoga and some go to the gym. A 21-year-old girl did something similar but she died in it. Actually it happened that the girl had decided to lose 90 kilos of weight and for this she had completely reduced food and drink, but her health deteriorated while doing the workout on an empty stomach. Let’s know the full news…. In such a situation, the girl was taken to the hospital, but by then it was too late. For information, let us tell you that the shocking case is from Shanxi province of China. According to the Shanghai Morning News, the girl was famous on Chinese social media by the name of Cuihua. Yes, the number of his followers here was in thousands. He died while working out on Saturday. Information is coming out that the parents of Influencer Cuihua themselves have disclosed this. Please tell that on Douyin (Chinese version of Tiktok), the parents wrote- ‘Our baby girl is no more. Thank you all for your love and support. Please don’t do this. Although the parents did not specify the cause of Cuihua’s death in the post, they did say that she was feeling unwell after a workout. Also read Local media was quoted as saying that Cuihua’s weight had increased a lot. She wanted to reduce her weight to 200 pounds (about 90 kg) as soon as possible. Not only this, but for this she had joined a fitness camp, where she used to do daily workouts and suddenly one day the girl died. According to the information revealed, Kuihua used to sweat in the gym for many hours, not only this, but also followed a strict dieting rule to lose weight. But things got worse when he almost stopped eating and drinking in his stubbornness to lose weight. It is being told that during this period his weight reduced by 25 kg in 2 months. Yes, Kuihua himself had informed about this by sharing photos on social media. His next target was to reduce another 10 kgs in 6 months. But before that something untoward happened to him and he said goodbye to the world.

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