China Hospital Fire | Terrible accident in China, 29 people burnt to death in hospital fire

Beijing: The number of people who lost their lives in a fierce fire in a hospital building in the capital of China has increased to 29. Officials gave this information here on Wednesday. According to China’s official news agency ‘Xinhua’, the fire that broke out on Tuesday at ‘Beijing Changfeng Hospital’ has been brought under control. Officials have been told that the number of people who lost their lives in this accident has increased to 29. ‘Beijing Changfeng Hospital’ is a private hospital established in 1985. The official media had on Tuesday informed that 21 people were killed in the accident. The cause of the fire is yet to be known. According to the news, the city administration has formed a special working team to find out the cause of the fire. Also read Those responsible for the incident will be held accountable under the law. Significantly, 11 people were charred to death in another factory fire incident on Monday in Wuyi County, Jinhua city in China’s eastern Zhejiang province.

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