Canada Fire | Fierce forest fire on Canada’s Atlantic coast, narrowly saved 16,000 lives

Halifax (Canada): A wildfire on Canada’s Atlantic Coast damaged nearly 200 homes and other structures, prompting the evacuation of nearly 16,000 people. Halifax Fire Department Deputy Chief David Meldrum said firefighters spent the night trying to contain the blaze that broke out in the Halifax area on Sunday. It is too early to tell the exact figure of damaged houses, but the municipal government has said that about 200 houses have been damaged. Meanwhile, local residents are worried about their homes and pets. Read also Local resident Dan Cavanaugh said, “We are in the same situation as everyone else. We do not know whether our houses are intact or not or how much damage has been done to them.” However, the police officials are calling the residents to see their properties after registering their names. Sarah Lyon of the Nova Scotia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, an organization working towards preventing cruelty against animals, said an eight-member team is preparing to go to the area to retrieve the abandoned animals. Earlier, fire officials had said dry conditions on Tuesday, coupled with a revival of wind, in the area could “re-ignite the fire”. According to the forecast of the Meteorological Department, there is no possibility of heat on Wednesday and rain till Friday. (agency)

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