Britain Election | People voted in the election of councilor and mayor in Britain

LONDON: Voters are heading to the polls on Thursday in local elections across large parts of England to elect hundreds of councilors and some local mayors. In this election, it is mandatory to bring a photo ID card for voter identification which can be passport or vehicle license. These elections are being held in 230 out of 317 councils of England. After assuming the post of Prime Minister of Britain in October 2022, this election is considered very important for Rishi Sunak. Local elections in the UK are often seen as a reflection of the general election, but analysts say these elections are not always an accurate indicator of national-level results. Read also Elections are also being held for four mayors in Bedford, Leicester, Mansfield and Middlesbrough, as well as local councils. Vote Centers will close at 10 p.m. local time. The results of these elections are expected from Thursday late night till Friday morning and afternoon. For the first time, people will need to bring a photo ID which can be a passport or a vehicle license to vote in these elections. UK minister Michael Gove said, “If you are planning to vote in your local elections, you should remember to bring your accepted photo ID with you to the polling station. Michael Gove said, “These changes will prevent electoral fraud and ensure elections are free and fair. ” (agency)

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