Attempted Rape Video | Brutality! Attempted rape of a woman wearing a burqa-hijab in broad daylight, this viral video will shock your heart

Image-Twitter New Delhi: A heart-wrenching incident has come to light from Pakistan. In fact, in Gulistan-e-Jauhar of Karachi, a girl has been raped in broad daylight (Attempted Rape Video). In such a situation, after this heart-wrenching incident, many questions have started to arise regarding the safety of women in Pakistan. Everyone is shocked to see this video. Come let’s know here what is Poora Majra… Actually the video of this heartbreaking incident has come to the fore, in which you can see that a man stopped his bike in the street, took off his half pant and started waiting for the woman. Then as soon as the woman passed by him, the man ran after her naked and tried to rape her by force. Although you can see that the woman already understood the intentions of the man. Read this too That’s why she pushed the man away from her in one stroke and left the place running away. Seeing the courage of the girl, the young man also broke down in sweat and immediately put on his clothes and ran away from the scene. In this way, this incident was saved from happening due to the courage of the girl. The mind-blowing thing is that the person has tried to carry out this incident in broad daylight. Let us tell you that two videos related to this incident are also going viral on social media, in which the person is seen preparing to commit this shameful act. According to the information received about this incident, as soon as the man came near, the woman started shouting, after which the nearby security guards were alerted. This was the reason that the person could not execute his dangerous plans and fled from there. Pakistan🚨 A man in Karachi stripped down to his shorts, followed a girl on the road and tried to rape her in broad daylight. According to reports, the incident took place in Gulistan e Jauhar Block 4, KDA Scheme 36 area of ​​Karachi. — OSINT Updates 🚨 (@OsintUpdates) July 6, 2023 In such a situation, information about this incident has now come to light that after the video went viral, the police of Karachi has also come on alert mode and is looking for the accused. I have got involved. Now it has to be seen what happens next, the police said that necessary action is being taken for the early arrest of the accused. However, it has also come to light that the woman has not yet lodged an FIR against the accused. Right now this video is blowing people’s senses.

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