Atiq-Ashraf Murder Case | Atiq-Ashraf murder case: There was discussion in foreign media as well, some called the mafia a Muslim minority and some…

Prayagraj: The incident in Prayagraj of UP has become global headlines. From small local channels to international media, the same news has been spread for the last few days. Mafia-turned-politician Atiq Ahmed and his brother Ashraf were shot dead in Prayagraj. Both were also buried in the Kasari-Masari cemetery of Prayagraj on Sunday. Not only the country, but the foreign media also published many articles on these incidents that happened within a few days. While the Indian media is continuously doing stories on this. Journalists from YouTube to National TV channels are competing to give new information day and night. After all, the issue has grown so much. There has been coverage of the Atiq-Ashraf murder case in the media of many countries including India’s neighboring country Pakistan, Britain. For the last few days, many things related to this murder case and all the information related to Atiq have gone in the media. Let us know what has been published in the foreign media. Also read Al Jazeera wrote that ex-Indian MP convicted in kidnapping case and his brother were shot dead on live TV in Prayagraj. During this both were in police custody. Due to this, questions are being raised on law and order in Uttar Pradesh. In this article too, it has been mentioned that Atiq and Ashraf are Muslim minorities. On the other hand, Pakistan media The Dawn has written on its website, “Former leader of India and his brother were shot dead live on TV.” That whole incident is mentioned in this news. There has also been talk of both being a Muslim minority. Also, it is written that both the brothers were deeply involved in crime. BBC wrote that the sensational murder case of Indian mafia don-turned-politician Atiq Ahmed. The report has also talked to former UP DGP Vikram Singh. BBC has also written in its report that Atiq was born in a poor family in Prayagraj and was a school dropout, but over the years he made a lot of wealth. The report also mentions that more than 100 criminal cases have been registered against him.

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