America Texas Accident | America: Driver rams crowd at bus stand in Texas, seven killed, 10 injured – watch video

Photo: @johnspectator BROWNSVILLE (US): An SUV driver rammed his vehicle into people waiting for a bus at a bus stop in the border city of Brownsville in the US state of Texas (America TEXAS Accident), killing at least eight people. and ten people were injured. Police gave this information. This bus stand is built outside a refugee camp. Victor Maldonado, director of the Bishop Enrique San Pedro Ozanam Center refugee camp, said he had seen video from a surveillance camera installed at the camp when he was informed about the accident on Sunday morning. Maldonado said, “We saw in the video that this SUV was a Range Rover and it went through a red light at high speed and ran over people sitting in the bus stop.” Seven people were killed when an SUV hit a bus stop in the US city of Brownsville, Texas. Six more were injured A severe accident occurred near a shelter for migrants. According to one version, the driver knocked people down on purpose. He is detained. — John Spectator (@johnspectator) May 7, 2023 He told that there is no arrangement for sitting in the bus stand, so people remained on the roadside Was sitting on the bar. Most of the casualties in this accident are from Venezuela. According to the director, the vehicle overturned after hitting the roadside bar and reached a distance of 200 feet. Some people walking there also got hit by the vehicle. Brownsville Police Investigator Martin Sandoval said the crash happened at 8:30 a.m. and it was not yet clear whether the driver intentionally hit people or whether it was an accident. The police officer said that the driver of the vehicle was injured and was taken to the hospital for treatment. The director of the refugee camp said that there was no threat before the accident, but later people came here and threatened. “Some people came to the gate and told the security personnel that this happened because of us,” he said.

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