America | Rahul Gandhi’s attack on BJP intensified in America, said – people of India will wipe out BJP

PIC: Social Media New York: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has said that after the victory in the Karnataka assembly elections, his party will “wipe out” the BJP in elections in Telangana and other states. He asserted that not only the Congress party, but the people of India are also going to defeat the hate-filled ideology of the BJP. Rahul said, “We have shown in Karnataka that we can defeat the BJP… We did not defeat them, but wiped them out. We defeated them badly in Karnataka.” Rahul has arrived in New York after visiting Washington and San Francisco and will address a community rally at the Javits Center in Manhattan on Sunday. He said, “The BJP tried every trick in the Karnataka elections. The entire media was with him. They had 10 times the money we had, they had the government, they had the agency. They had everything, but still we annihilated them.” “…and I want you to know that we are going to wipe them out in the next elections in Telangana as well,” the former Congress president said amid thunderous applause and slogans from those present at the event. “It will be difficult to even find BJP in Telangana after this election,” he said. Assembly elections are going to be held in this state of South India later this year. The community event drew a large number of congressional supporters, party members, officials, and members of the expatriate community, including New York City Mayor Eric Adams. Rahul said, “Apart from Telangana, elections are also to be held in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. We will do to them (BJP) in these states what we did in Karnataka.” He said, “It is not only the Congress party which is going to defeat the BJP. People of India, people of Madhya Pradesh, people of Telangana, people of Rajasthan-Chhattisgarh are going to defeat BJP. The Congress leader said the reason for this is that “India has understood that it cannot go ahead with the kind of hatred that the BJP is spreading in the society”. “The same is going to happen in some other states as well. Then we will do the same in 2024 (Lok Sabha elections)… The opposition is united, we are all working together. This is an ideological battle. On one side is the divisive, hate-filled ideology of the BJP, and on the other is the loving, affectionate ideology of the Congress party.” Rahul alleged that the BJP in Karnataka tried to polarize and create anger and hatred among communities. “The prime minister himself tried it, but did it work,” he asked. To this the audience replied ‘No’. Rahul said that the people of Karnataka have made it clear that the elections are focused on the issues of price rise, unemployment and corruption. He referred to the slogan given during the ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’, in which he had said, “Nafrat ke bazaar mein mohabbat ki dukan kholenge”. At the event, New York City Mayor Eric Adams said, “America’s ‘New Delhi’ is right here in New York City.” He said that this community (Indian-Americans) is highly educated, business oriented and self-reliant. Adams said that the specialty of America is that “we remind you not to forget your motherland when you adopt a new place.” The mayor of New York said, “You are an Indian-American. Don’t leave the Indianness inside you while adopting America. He said that India has “historically given much not only to the geographical boundaries of your country, but what the Indian community has historically given to the world is remarkable and yet to be truly reflected in historical proportions”. remains.” Adams said, “All the great Nobel Peace Prize winners have drawn inspiration from the rich history of your society. He has drawn inspiration from the ancient Vedas and early literature. Earlier in the day, Rahul had a “fruitful conversation” with prominent thinkers in New York at ‘Roosevelt House’, the residence of former US President Franklin D Roosevelt. Also read Rahul said Indian diaspora in the US is “our ambassador” and has shown America and the rest of the world “what it means to be an Indian”. He said that there is a fight going on in our country and a similar fight is going on in America also between two different visions for India. The Congress leader said, “One which is our approach, which accepts all, embraces all, respects all, loves all and wants everyone to respect their religion, their community, their Be a part of the future of our country, irrespective of caste, language.

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