Tonsil Relief | If you are troubled by the problem of tonsils, then these home remedies can provide relief from pain.

File Photo Seema Kumari New Delhi: Most of the people are troubled by cold, cough, sore throat and tonsils due to change in weather. In the problem of tonsils, there is pain and swelling in the throat. Although the problem of tonsils ends within a week, but whenever it persists for a long time, it can also take the form of cancer. Often people take medicines to get rid of tonsils. But if you want, you can cure it with the help of some home remedies, so let’s know about home remedies – According to health experts, you can also use garlic for sore throat. For this, boil some buds of garlic in water well. Gargle after filtering the water when it cools down. Gargling daily will give you a lot of relief. One of the most effective and age-old remedies is gargling with salt. You will start seeing its effect after just a few uses. Add a pinch of salt to warm water and gargle with it. Also read Apart from this, gargling with raw papaya mixed with milk also provides relief in tonsils. Apart from this, mixing half a teaspoon of ground turmeric in a cup of hot milk and drinking it also cures tonsils soon. Lemon is also a very effective remedy in the treatment of tonsils. Put fresh lemon juice in warm water and add honey and a pinch of salt to it. Feel free to drink it. Drink at least two to three times a day. Will get a lot of relief According to experts, you can use ginger and lemon to remove the problem of tonsils. For this, you have to grind lemon juice and fresh ginger and mix it in some hot water. After this, gargle with this water every half an hour. If you keep doing this process like this for some time, then you will definitely get the benefit.

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