Tomato For Pregnant Women | ‘Aisa’ tomato is beneficial for pregnant women, know which tomato is better, red tomato or green tomato

Seema Kumari New Delhi: Tomato is an important part of our kitchen. Which is used in food in some form or the other. From vegetables to pulses, its use doubles the taste of food. Usually people use red tomatoes in vegetables. But do you know that like red tomatoes, green tomatoes are also very beneficial. People who eat red tomatoes will be shocked to know the benefits of green tomatoes. Let’s know the benefits of consuming green tomatoes – According to health experts, if your eyesight has become weak then there is no answer to green tomatoes in increasing it. Green tomatoes rich in beta carotene keep the eyes healthy by making healthy white blood cells. Green tomatoes provide a good amount of folic acid, which is very important for pregnant women. It is essential for the formation of the baby during pregnancy and promotes neurological development. If your bones are weak and you have constant body pain, then you should consume green tomatoes. Actually, a lot of vitamins are found in green tomatoes, which strengthens the bones and increases their density. Also read: Blood pressure can be controlled by consuming green tomatoes. Actually, the amount of sodium in it is less and the amount of potassium is more. Because of which your blood pressure can be under control. Green tomatoes can prove to be a boon for the skin. Vitamin C present in it keeps the skin young for a long time. Many nutrients including vitamins, fiber, protein, calcium, iron are found in green tomatoes. The nutrients found in green tomatoes protect you from many problems.

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