Stomach Infection | The risk of stomach infection increases in summer, know the reason and symptoms behind it

New Delhi: As soon as summer comes, different types of diseases start. People have to visit the hospital many times for the same problem. A little carelessness in eating and drinking becomes heavy. That’s why special care has to be taken of eating and drinking in summer. But during this time, the biggest problem that is seen among the people is the infection in the stomach. Actually, in the summer months, we should eat as little oily and spicy food as possible because this is a major reason for stomach infection. So let us tell you how you can get rid of this big stomach problem this summer and what are the ways to keep your stomach healthy. What is stomach infection? According to health experts, it is a disease caused by a virus. Which is also called viral gastroenteritis in medical language. In this disease, the infection causes irritation and inflammation in the intestines. This affects the digestive system to such a level that even water cannot be digested. Read this also How does this problem happen? This problem is caused by eating more food than necessary. This problem is caused by eating unhygienic food. This problem is caused by eating food at the wrong time. This problem is caused by drinking dirty water. Eating bad or stale food is also the biggest reason for this problem. What are its symptoms, tell that during stomach infection, your stomach and intestines get swollen. You will experience symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea and severe abdominal cramps. Even poor hygiene can lead to stomach infection. Along with this problems of headache, dizziness etc. are also seen. Whenever you see these symptoms, contact the doctor as soon as possible.

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