Plants to repel mosquitoes. Mosquitoes will not come in the house by planting these plants, know for sure and avoid deadly diseases like malaria and dengue

File Photo Seema Kumari New Delhi: Nowadays everyone is troubled by mosquitoes. Wherever you go, mosquitoes do not take the name of leaving the chase. Know from which corners, especially at night, mosquitoes come out and start biting, then the person gets upset as soon as he scratches his hands and feet. From the garden of the house to the rooms, there is a lot of mosquitoes. To get relief from this problem, everyone uses many types of products in the house, but apart from being dangerous, these products can also create many problems for children and elders in the house. Come, today we tell you some such plants, by planting them at home, you can get relief from the problem of mosquitoes. You can avoid deadly diseases like malaria and dengue. In such a situation, you can plant these 5 plants in the house. These plants are helpful in keeping mosquitoes away, so feel free to plant them in the house. Come let’s know about that plant – According to experts, marigold flower helps in driving away mosquitoes along with enhancing the beauty of the house. The fragrance of this plant keeps mosquitoes and flying insects away from the house. In such a situation, you need this flower plant to drive away mosquitoes. By applying it in the house, mosquitoes will run far away from the house. Also read The scent of lavender is liked by most people. But, mosquitoes do not find this smell to be a fragrance but a foul smell. Mosquitoes find the smell of lavender deadly, so they run away from this plant. Mosquitoes can also be driven away by planting a garlic plant in the house. It is believed that eating garlic causes a different smell in the blood, which mosquitoes do not like at all. In such a situation, if you want that garlic should not come in your house at all, then you must plant it in your house. Many people plant lemon grass in their homes. Its fragrance spreads throughout the house and gives a positive atmosphere to the house. This plant is also used in mosquito repellent medicines. Its enchanting and refreshing fragrance helps in keeping the mood fresh along with scenting the house. Apart from this, mosquitoes also run away from the house due to its fragrance. Tulsi plant can help in keeping the air of your house pure as well as repel insects and mosquitoes. You can also use its leaves to make tea and decoction.

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