Papaya | These people may have to eat papaya expensive, know for sure

File photo Seema Kumari New Delhi: Papaya is a complete fruit rich in nutrients. Many types of antioxidants are found in it, hence it is also considered a superfood. Papaya is such a low calorie fruit which is beneficial for health in many ways. Papaya full of so many qualities can also harm health in some diseases. Consuming papaya in some diseases has a bad effect on health. Let us know which diseases people suffering from should not consume papaya. According to diet experts, papaya should not be consumed by jaundice and asthma patients, as papain and beta-carotene present in it are harmful in both these diseases. According to the NCBI report, papaya should not be eaten with certain medicines as the elements present in it react in the body and make the blood thinner. In this situation, bleeding can easily happen in the body. In such a situation, papaya should not be consumed with any medicine. Also read: People who have low blood pressure should avoid consuming papaya. Papaya lowers the level of sugar in the blood, so problems can increase for people with low blood pressure. In pregnancy, raw papaya contains a lot of latex, which can increase contractions in the uterine wall. The papain present in papaya damages the cell membranes in the body. The cell membrane is very important for the development of the developing baby. This is the reason why pregnant women are advised not to eat raw papaya. People who are suffering from kidney stone should avoid papaya in their diet otherwise it can harm their health. Due to excessive consumption of papaya rich in vitamin C, the calcium oxalate present in it breaks down and becomes stone. The antioxidant present in papaya becomes a cause of trouble for kidney patients. If you have problems with stones, then avoid papaya, otherwise the size of the stone may increase.

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