Papaya Eating Tips | Do not eat these things after eating papaya, otherwise these painful problems related to health may occur.

File photo Seema Kumari New Delhi: Papaya is such a fruit which is considered very beneficial for health. Actually, this fruit contains a compound called papain which can keep the lining of the stomach healthy and cure many skin related problems. Apart from this, it can relieve the problem of constipation and piles along with cooling your stomach. But, this mistake made after eating papaya can cost you dearly. Know why and how. So let’s know what should not be eaten after eating papaya. According to experts, if you have eaten papaya, you should avoid eating curd immediately. Eat curd only after waiting for half an hour. Papaya is hot in effect and curd is cold in effect. Due to the difference in effect of both, you may be harmed instead of benefited. You should avoid drinking milk after eating papaya because both papaya and milk together can make you a victim of constipation or upset stomach, which can cause sudden indigestion, bloating and diarrhea. Therefore, drinking milk after eating papaya should be avoided. Avoid eating citrus fruits like lemon, orange, sweet lime, kiwi, tomato after eating papaya. This can spoil your health. Eating egg after eating papaya can bother you. One rich in vitamin C and papain enzymes and the other rich in protein and omega-3. Now eating these two at the same time can confuse your stomach and this can make you ill for a long time. Such as indigestion, nausea, constipation and vomiting. Consuming papaya and lemon together is not considered good. If you eat papaya in salad, do not add lemon juice to it. This can make it poisonous. Eating lemon and papaya together can imbalance the level of hemoglobin and the person may become a victim of anemia. That’s why do not consume papaya and lemon together even by mistake.

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