Long self life | Keeping fast is beneficial for health, know its tremendous benefits

Fasting Food Pic Source: Social Media Mumbai: Fasting which is also called fasting. Mostly people keep fast because of religious beliefs. Most people associate the meaning of fasting with virtue. On religious grounds, fasting is also seen to be associated with devotion and devotion. But fasting has also been scientifically considered very beneficial. However, nowadays people fast for many things ranging from weight loss to increasing fitness. Today we will tell you the benefits of fasting. Now you will not only keep fast in terms of devotion and devotion but will also be able to take advantage of fasting in terms of health. Know here how beneficial fasting is for health: 1. Detoxifies the body: The first advantage of fasting is that it helps in detoxifying the body. All the toxins present in the body are cleared. 2. Lose weight: Keeping fast also reduces weight. The fat burning process gets faster during fasting. Due to which fat is reduced. 3. Increases the capacity of disease resistance: Fasting increases the capacity of disease resistance. Fasting means new disease resistant cells are formed which help in increasing immunity. 6. Beneficial for cancer patients: According to a research by the University of South California, fasting is very beneficial for cancer patients who are undergoing chemotherapy. 7. Beneficial for the digestive system: Fasting improves digestion. Fasting helps a lot in improving digestion. You can also fast if your stomach is upset. 8. Healthy and Fresh Mind: Fasting is also good for the health of the mind. Fasting helps in removing depression and problems related to the brain. Stress is a huge problem which can be reduced by fasting. Fasting keeps the mind stable and calm. Sleep well and you feel light.

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