Iron pan | Do not cook these things in an iron pan, otherwise there may be a big loss to health.

Seema Kumari New Delhi: Some negligence done by us becomes the cause of diseases in the body. There is one mistake that most people make. That mistake is of ‘cooking food in Iron Kadhai’. It is mainly used for deep frying. But do you know that not all types of food should be cooked in this pan? This is because food cooked in iron pans can react with many vegetables, either spoiling the taste or color of the food. So let’s know which vegetables you should always avoid cooking in an iron pan and why? According to health experts, dishes like curry or rasam should not be cooked in an iron pan even by mistake. Iron and acidic things together spoil the taste of food. Also read Most people make omelette in an iron pan. But, many experts believe that omelet should never be made in an iron pan or pan. It can cause harm to health. You must have noticed that while preparing omelettes or other egg dishes in cast iron skillets or pans, eggs tend to stick to the utensil. And when other dishes are made, they waste them too or sometimes bad smell starts coming. That’s why you should use only non-stick pan to make omelette. You should also avoid making acidic foods in iron pans or pans. Acidic foods, such as food prepared with lemon, tomato, food prepared with vinegar, etc. should be avoided. It is said that cooking these things in an iron wok or pan imparts a metallic taste to the dish, which can spoil the taste. Acidic foods prepared in iron utensils are also considered harmful for health. That’s why whenever you go to make acidic foods, be sure to keep this in mind. For this, you should use any other utensil only. Most people don’t know that spinach is loaded with oxalic acid, and when cooked in an iron skillet, it will discolor the vegetable to a blackish color. This is due to the reaction of iron with oxalic acid.

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