Health | The hobby of chicken, rice, sugar, tea, smoothness and chapati can be expensive, can be a victim of these diseases

Pic Source: Social Media Mumbai: If you are fond of chicken, rice, sugar, tea, smoothness and chapati, then it may cost you dearly. Consume these things only in a limit, otherwise it can prove to be harmful for health. What harm can be done by eating chicken, rice, sugar, greasy and chapati and drinking tea. We have brought the detailed information for you, we will tell about it one by one. 1. Disadvantages of eating Chapati Chapati which we also call roti. We always associate roti with our health and believe that it is very beneficial for our healthy body. But, do you know that eating bread can also be harmful to health. Let us tell you about the disadvantages of eating chapati – If we eat chapati at night, then the risk of weight gain and increase in blood sugar can increase. Mate itself metabolism can be useless. Why eating chapati increases weight Eating more chapati at night can increase the risk of obesity. Because the amount of calories is found in chapati. There are 71 calories in one roti. We do not spare any effort in the night, so if we eat more than three rotis in the night, then it can be a problem. Why chapati increases blood sugar Chapati works to increase the level of sugar in the blood. This affects insulin production. Increase in blood sugar can have a bad effect on other parts of the body. What effect does chapati have on metabolism Roti is a simple carb. It can spoil metabolism. Bread can also have a bad effect on bowel movement. 2. Disadvantages of eating chicken There is a belief about chicken that eating it keeps the body healthy and strong. but it’s not like that. One study found that chicken increased LDL bad cholesterol. It directly affects the heart. This gives birth to the problem of heart disease. Eating chicken daily can cause many other disadvantages. Let us have a look- Chicken can cause obesity. Chicken can raise blood pressure. Eating chicken will increase uric acid in the body. UTI can be caused by eating chicken. 3. Disadvantages of eating sugar Sugar, which is used by every household. That too in abundance. From the beginning of the day till before going to sleep at night. Not only this, all the sweet dishes we make or eat at home are usually made of sugar and we also eat it with great taste. But, do you know that this flavoring sugar is injurious to health. Excessive use of sugar has many side effects. Come, let us tell you about the side effects of sugar – the problem of increasing obesity, the risk of heart disease, the risk of Alzheimer’s, the problem of fatty liver, bad cholesterol starts increasing in the body, the addiction of eating sugar can spoil the body, know its initial symptoms. Skin damage, lethargy and fatigue are increasing continuously. 4. Disadvantages of eating rice Rice is the easiest to make. That’s why we cook it quickly and eat it. Many people like rice a lot. They prefer to eat rice instead of roti. But do you know that too much rice can be harmful to our health. Disadvantages of eating too much rice – overeating can be a victim, obesity can be a problem, gas can be a complaint, feeling lethargic, the risk of diabetes increases, bones can be weak, stones can be a complaint 5. Tea Most people start their day with a cup of tea. The first thing I crave for when I wake up in the morning is tea. Many people are so fond of tea, that they will not accept tea as many times as you give them in a day. Some want tea every one or two hours. They remove their tiredness by drinking tea. But do you know, drinking excessive tea can prove to be dangerous for your health. Dehydration problem: If you drink tea in excess, then you may have to face dehydration. Tea with milk does more harm. The caffeine present in milk tea absorbs water from the body. Because of which the problem of dehydration comes. Anxiety Consuming too much tea can also cause anxiety. Because tannin is found in tea, which causes your problem. Not only this, if you consume antibiotics, then avoid drinking tea in such a situation. This can reduce the effectiveness of your medicines. Acidity Drinking tea on an empty stomach in the morning can cause acidity problems. Consuming tea in excess can also cause flatulence. Caffeine is found in tea, due to which gas is formed in the stomach. In this way you may have to face many problems of digestive power. Lack of sleep Drinking more tea leads to less sleep. Due to lack of sleep, you have to face many problems like stress, skin problems. Blood pressureDrinking more tea also affects blood pressure. If you are a patient of high blood pressure, avoid drinking excessive amounts of tea. This can affect your health. Due to excessive consumption of tea, body hormones become unbalanced, which causes problems like acne and pimples. 6. Disadvantages due to greasy diet Smoothness which we also call high fat diet means consuming foods with high fat content. Excess intake of such substances increases the risk of heart attack and diabetes. Fatty food can cause sudden cardiac arrest in older people. Food has a direct effect on our immune system. A study found that high fat diet can also cause diseases like diabetes in older people. Eating greasy i.e. high fat diet can increase your waist size. Apart from this, fatty diet can cause many more serious damages to your body. Let us know what are the disadvantages of fatty liver, if you eat high fat food and do not exercise, then the chances of fatty liver increase. According to experts, 70 percent of fatty liver is caused by obesity. Can affect the health of the brain Due to excessive fatty diet, anxiety, weak memory and habit of doing any work again and again can also be formed. Can damage the arteries If you take a high fat diet, then your body’s arteries can be destroyed prematurely. Children may complain of ADHD High fat diet can also harm children. High fat diet increases the risk of ADHD in children.

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