Health Story | Know its disadvantages before eating bread baked on gas flame instead of griddle

Seema Kumari New Delhi: Bread is considered an important part of Indian food. Some people start baking the roti directly on the gas flame instead of the griddle. In fact, after being baked on the gas, it looks crispy in food, instead of one, two rotis are eaten. Hence, most of the housewives adopt this method of baking bread. But, the taste sometimes outweighs the health. Baking bread in this way can harm the body. Let us know the disadvantages of baking roti directly on gas flame – Research published by Food Standard Australia and New Zealand scientist Dr. Paul Brent (2011) states that baking on direct flame emits carcinogenic chemicals, which are harmful to health. may prove harmful. However, it cannot be said completely that bread baked on direct flame harms health. Still more research is needed on this. Read this too According to a recent research published in the Journal Environmental Science and Technology, air pollutant released by baking bread in this way, which WHO (WHO) has described as harmful. The names of those polluted air are carbon mono oxide, nitrogen dioxide. According to a recent research, it is not considered safe to eat chapati by roasting it directly on the flame. However, some more studies are needed to know its dangers in depth.

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