Health Story | If the vein of your feet goes up, these tips can get rid of the pain, definitely know

Seema Kumari New Delhi: Normally while sleeping or sometimes even while sitting, there is a problem of varicose veins in the legs. This is a common problem, which can be quite painful. Please tell that even while sleeping at night or sometimes sitting in the wrong posture, there is a problem of varicose veins in the feet. Because of which we cannot even walk properly. So let’s know its reason and treatment. There are many reasons for varicose veins, lack of water in the body, deficiency of sodium, potassium, calcium in the blood, low level of magnesium, excessive drinking of alcohol, taking excessive stress due to lack of sugar or nutritious diet, sitting in wrong posture, weakening of nerves also. Read, if there is a vein on the vein, then do these remedies, due to the decrease in the amount of potassium in the body, the vein can climb on the vein. Banana can be an effective cure for this. Apart from this, regular consumption of sweet potato, orange juice, beetroot, potato, date, curd, tomato can get rid of the problem of varicose veins. Massaging mustard oil while sleeping at night during winter days also gives relief. This strengthens the muscles. Applying ice on the place where the vein is pinched will also provide relief. In case of severe pain, hot fomentation by making a packet of salt can also be effective. Consuming mint and massaging with its oil also prove to be beneficial for varicose veins. Consumption of turmeric milk can remove the problem of vein climbing.

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