Health News | Know the disadvantages of Birth Control Pills, there may be a risk of cancer

Seema Kumari New Delhi: At present, ‘Birth Control Pills’ (Contraceptive Pills) are considered to be the easiest way to avoid unwanted pregnancy. Working women also often consume it a lot. While using birth control pills reduces the risk of pregnancy, it also harms health. Yes, you heard absolutely right. If these pills are not used properly then it has many side effects. Studies have found that the risk of heart attack increases in young women, while the risk of cervical cancer increases according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. So let’s know that by taking these pills, you may also have to face many health related problems. Also read Clinical study has revealed that consuming contraceptive pills leads to rapid weight gain. If you use only progestin pills for 6 to 12 months, then your weight can increase up to 2 kg. Sometimes the mood is usually worse after taking birth control pills. Due to this, irritability, tension, getting angry on every issue and stress etc. starts happening. Because of this, there is a very bad effect on emotional health as well. In this case, do talk to the doctor. According to experts, women who regularly use contraceptive pills also have problems with their eyes. Eyes become dry. Often the color of the eyes becomes reddish and dims in the light. Some women take pills continuously to avoid unwanted pregnancy. But if it becomes too much of a habit, women start complaining of vomiting and nausea.

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