Gas in small children | Try these home remedies to get rid of gas in small children

Seema Kumari New Delhi: Sometimes the child suddenly starts crying a lot. Don’t understand why this is happening. If the child is also unable to speak, then it becomes even more difficult to understand. Sometimes parents get worried about this. Abdominal pain and gas in a baby can be due to many reasons. This problem can occur due to the air in the baby’s stomach while drinking milk or due to drinking excessive amount of milk. In such a situation, children get very upset because of this. By adopting some such home remedies, you can easily overcome the problem of gas produced in the baby’s stomach. So let’s know about these home remedies- According to the experts, many times the baby starts crying even if the gas does not pass. In such a situation, to save them from this problem, lay the baby on the back, after that lift the legs by bending their knees. After this, make his legs move as if he is riding a bicycle. By running the legs in this way, the gas trapped in the stomach of the children will come out easily and they will get relief. Also read Use asafetida in case of stomach ache and gas problem in the baby. Grandmothers in the house rub asafetida water on the navel of the child when he has gas. This can provide relief from gas. Make a thick paste of asafetida and apply it on the baby’s stomach and also around the navel. This will pass the gas and give relief to the baby. If the baby is having a lot of pain in the stomach, then massage it with mustard oil. Lightly heat mustard oil and apply it around his navel. In this way they will get a lot of relief from the pain.

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