Chia Seeds For Health | ‘These’ seeds keep away from many diseases, know which seed is beneficial for what

Seema Kumari: In the changing season the body easily becomes vulnerable to any kind of flu. People with weak immunity easily fall prey to the virus. In such a situation, to increase the immunity of the body, fruits and vegetables should be included as much as possible. Apart from this, even small seeds of fruits and vegetables. According to diet experts, many nutrients are also found in small seeds of fruits and vegetables. These seeds are very beneficial for health. Seeds are rich in fiber, protein, antioxidant polyphenols, etc. By consuming seeds, the body’s blood sugar level, cholesterol and blood pressure also remain under control. So let’s know which are the seeds that you should include in your diet and what are its benefits. According to Expect, it would not be wrong to call ‘Chia Seeds’ a super food. Chia seeds are rich in iron, healthy fats and omega-3. If you want to lose weight, then this can prove to be nectar for you. Consuming chia seeds is the best option to reduce belly fat. Omega-6 fatty acids including protein, calcium, B-complex are also found in ‘Sesame Seeds’ ie sesame seeds. Which reduces the amount of cholesterol in your body. Monosaturated fatty acids are also found in it, which keep the heart healthy. Pumpkin seeds are packed with many nutrients including copper, magnesium, zinc and protein. Eating pumpkin seeds keeps bones strong, it also controls blood pressure. Antioxidants including Vitamin-B, E, Omega-3 are found in abundance in sunflower seeds. Which keep your digestive system healthy. Along with this, they also reduce the risk of diabetes. Eating ‘Flax Seeds’ or Alsi seeds is very beneficial. Fiber is found in plenty in it. Eating these does not cause hunger for a long time, which can also help in your weight loss. Apart from this, eating flax seeds also provides relief from fertility related problems. Flax seeds can also reduce the risk of serious diseases such as cancer. According to a research, the consumption of flax seeds can also prevent the growth of breast cancer tumors in women.

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