Benefits of bitter gourd juice | The juice of this vegetable is a panacea for many diseases, know its properties and try it

Seema Kumari New Delhi: Everyone knows that consumption of green vegetables and fresh fruits is very beneficial for health. To keep the body hydrated and healthy, it is advised to drink fruit and vegetable juices during summers. Talking about vegetable juice, bitter gourd juice is no less than a panacea for health. Because, bitter gourd is rich in many nutrients. It has been described as the best source of nutrients like fiber, protein, vitamin-C, vitamin-A, zinc, iron etc. Bitter gourd juice is effective in getting rid of many diseases. Let’s know about the benefits of bitter gourd juice – According to health experts, vitamin-C is found in plenty in bitter gourd. It boosts immunity in the body. Its regular intake strengthens the body’s immunity. Also read The amount of Vitamin-A and beta-carotene present in bitter gourd is very beneficial for the eyes, drinking it regularly increases eyesight. Nutrients like vitamin-C and antioxidants are found in bitter gourd juice, which help in keeping the skin healthy. It also helps in reducing pimples or acne. The bitters and alkaloids present in bitter gourd act as blood purifiers. Bitter gourd juice is a panacea for diabetes. According to Ayurveda, drinking bitter gourd juice keeps your glucose level under control. That’s why diabetic patients are advised to drink bitter gourd juice. Bitter gourd juice proves to be very beneficial in reducing obesity. Bitter gourd is low in calories. Along with this, the consumption of bitter gourd juice detoxifies the body, due to which the weight also remains under control. Bitter gourd juice reduces bad cholesterol in the body. Bitter gourd juice is a panacea for high cholesterol patients. Such patients can control cholesterol by regular consumption of bitter gourd juice.

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