Benefits of Almonds | By eating this dry fruit every morning, your brain will get new strength, memory will become sharp.

File Photo Seema Kumari New Delhi: Who does not know about almonds included in the category of super food. You must have often heard from the elders of our house that eating almonds sharpens the mind. Almond is one of the very beneficial things for health. It is rich in protein, minerals, vitamins and fiber. By eating this, memory becomes sharp and many types of physical and mental problems are relieved. By consuming it daily, you can be safe from many diseases. Explain that compared to dry almonds, soaked almonds help in releasing enzymes, which are good for the digestive process. Soaked almond peels contain tannins which inhibit the absorption of nutrients. Today we will know how beneficial almond is for your health. According to health experts, Vitamin-E present in almonds is helpful in increasing eyesight. Along with increasing the eyesight by its use, there is protection from the problems related to it. Eating almonds and sugar candy mixed daily improves eyesight. Anti-inflammatory properties are found in almonds, which helps to get rid of the problem of dry skin. Apart from this, protects you from many skin related diseases. Eating almonds on an empty stomach regularly can increase the glow on your face. You will never get constipated by eating this daily. They also promote healthy bacteria in our gut, which work to digest food and help the body fight any disease. Soaking almonds and consuming them every morning makes memory sharp. Due to the high protein content in it, it helps in repairing brain cells.

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