Aluminum Foil Harm | If you use aluminum foil too much, then know its serious harm to health

Image-Google Seema Kumari New Delhi: At present, most people use ‘Aluminium Foil’ a lot to pack their food, because they feel that the food remains hot as well as fresh in it. Is. But, do you know that eating food in foil paper has more disadvantages than benefits. Foil paper damages kidney to bones. Foil paper can cause diseases like Alzheimer’s. Let us know what are the disadvantages of eating food in foil paper. According to experts, if you pack food in aluminum foil every day and consume it hours later, it can also weaken your immunity, which will also reduce your body’s ability to fight diseases and infections. May be less. In such a situation, you may fall ill again and again. According to research, aluminum content gets mixed in the food, which can harm the health of the children and their bones in the long run. Since, our environment is not friendly today, there are many types of bacteria, virus, pollution etc., it is necessary to choose the right and healthy things. If there is a possibility of harm to health even a little bit from aluminum utensils or foil paper, then it is better not to use it. Some people keep roti, pickle, salad, fruit etc wrapped in newspaper, this should also be avoided. You can use butter paper, clean cloth, food packing paper, baking paper instead of aluminum foil. All these things are available in the market and are also a healthy alternative to aluminum foil. Eating food in aluminum foil daily stops the development of bones along with kidney disease. Due to its continuous use, the bones become weak. If food is kept wrapped in aluminum foil for more than two hours, it is harmful to the body. Aluminum gets mixed slowly in the food kept in it, which takes the place of zinc in the body. Zinc replacement can cause disturbances in the balance of insulin in the body. This can increase the chances of getting diabetes.

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