Almonds For Health | These people should refrain from eating almonds in summer, if there are many benefits of it, then know about the disadvantages too.

File Photo Seema Kumari New Delhi: Although almonds are considered very beneficial for health. In this, protein, fiber, magnesium, vitamins not only reduce blood sugar but it also helps in reducing weight. But what almonds should be eaten in summer, so let’s know about it- According to experts, if you consume raw almonds in winter, then do not consume it in summer. Eating raw almonds in the summer heat starts generating inside the body and due to excessive heat, heat also starts generating in the body, which affects digestion and causes stomach problems. Eating more almonds in summer also increases the amount of fiber in the body, due to which the digestion process gets affected. In such a situation, problems like flatulence, constipation, indigestion and upset stomach also start troubling the person. The effect of almonds is hot, in such a situation, if a person eats more almonds in summer, then he starts having skin problems like pimples, red rashes on the face. Also read Those who are troubled by the problem of digestion, they should not consume almonds in summer. The amount of fiber in almonds is very high, which can also cause the problem of constipation and bloating. People who consume very little fiber may have problems with indigestion in summer. According to experts, eating more almonds in the summer increases the amount of calories in the body. Apart from this, fat also increases. As soon as there is excess quantity of these two in the body, then the weight starts increasing and the person also starts feeling more hungry. In such a situation, you should avoid consuming more almonds in summer.

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