Was it a fix for Priyanka Chopra to become Miss World? Former Miss Barbados made allegations | Priyanka Chopra Miss World Fixed, Former Miss Barbados Alleges

Actress Priyanka Chopra has returned to Mumbai after 3 years. Meanwhile, many questions have arisen on her Miss World victory. Miss Barbados has made many serious allegations on the Miss World 2000 Competition. Priyanka ChopraImage Credit source: Instagram Priyanka Chopra Miss World Controversy: Priyanka Chopra, who has become a global icon, is seen representing India everywhere today. After marrying Nick Jonas, the actress’s visits to India have reduced a bit. But even today she loves her country very much. PC is currently based in India and is re-exploring her favorite place in Mumbai. Everyone knows this thing that from Bollywood to Hollywood, the actress who has shown the power of her performance has also been Miss World. After many years have passed, once again Priyanka’s becoming Miss World is in the limelight. The reason for which is the statement of former Miss Barbados. Miss Barbados Leilani McConnell has made a serious allegation on Miss World 2000 saying that she has favored Priyanka. Due to which it was decided to become Miss World. In fact, at this time a video of Barbados is being shared everywhere on social media. In this video, he has disclosed many things. Actually Leilani McConnell has now become a YouTuber. Fans also like watching his videos a lot. In such a situation, he has shared a video of his. In this video, Leilani talks about the favors Priyanka gets. After 22 years, he has disclosed this because there is a controversy over the victory of a contestant in the Miss USA beauty pageant. Meanwhile, the discussion about ‘fixing’ of beauty competition is also going on in full swing. To prove this right, Leilani has broken her silence on Miss World 2000 after so many years. Read this also Miss Barbados said in her video, in 1999 also Miss World was from India and in 2000 Miss World was from India only, because at that time there was a sponsor from India too. He further said that Priyanka was the only contestant who was allowed to wear a sarong (waist scarf). Completing her talk, Leilani said that she used to apply some cream to correct her skin tone, but when there was no effect, she was allowed to wear a sarong. Apart from this, Leilani has also made many serious allegations. He says that good and fitting gowns used to come for Priyanka Chopra. Large photographs of him were published in the newspapers. Apart from this, they are also given food on the bed itself. All other girls were discriminated against a lot.

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