Urfi Javed On Mukesh Khanna: Urfi Javed wants to send ‘Shaktimaan’ to jail, said ‘this man is completely mad’. urfi javed on shaktiman fame mukesh khanna adipurush reaction

Urfi Javed-Mukesh KhannaImage Credit source: Instagram Urfi Javed On Mukesh Khanna: TV actress Urfi Javed and Mukesh Khanna, famous for Shaktimaan serial, are going to come face to face once again. Urfi Javed has made a tweet about him and has called him mad. Along with this, Urfi also says that he feels that Mukesh Khanna should be put in jail. Actually, these days Prabhas’s recently released film Adipurush is in the news. This film is mired in controversies. Mukesh Khanna also recently gave his reaction regarding this film and said that who has given this right that anyone should insult our scriptures. He further said that Adipurush’s team should be burnt. Now Urfi is angry with Mukesh Khanna for this statement. #WATCH | “If the people of the country don’t stop this, then I’ll think that 100 crore Hindus have not awakened yet,” says actor Mukesh Khanna on the film ‘Adipurush’. pic.twitter.com/38Q0F8Oi3n — ANI (@ANI) June 20, 2023 Also Read – Why did Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s wife cry in Bigg Boss OTT? Know the reason what Urfi said? On Thursday, Urfi Javed made a tweet and said, “This man is completely insane.” She further said that she agrees that the film is a bit bad, but should not burn anyone. He also wrote, “I think this man should be put behind bars for inciting violence.” Yar ye Aadmi Poora Pagal hai, Mai maanti hu movie thodi buri hai but please guys koi kisi ko jalana mat infact I feel this guy should be out behind bars for provoking people to incite violence. pic.twitter.com/LHNWdP54ss — Uorfi (@uorfi_) June 22, 2023 Urfi Javed has come into the limelight for this tweet of his. On the other hand, if we talk about Mukesh Khanna, he also objected to the costumes of the characters in the film and the mustache of Prabhas, who was seen in the role of Raghav. Also read- Will Yash of Rocky Bhai fame play the role of Ravana? Urfi Bahrahal, Urfi Javed remains in discussion on social media because of her tweets and her statements. Apart from this, due to her fashion sense, she remains in the social headlines every day. Sometimes she is seen in front of paparazzi in strange-o-poor dress and sometimes she posts her pictures and videos on social media. Many times she also has to be trolled regarding the outfit.

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