Tilism of Tihar: Read the secrets of the dangerous game of beauty inside the seven locks in Inside Story. sukesh chandrashekhar jacqueline fernandez nora fatehi pinky irani nexus in tihar jail

These days, Tihar Jail, which is considered to be the safest in Asia, is on the verge of breaking because of five heroines of Mumbai films. Read the magic of Tihar in Inside Story. Jacqueline FernandezImage Credit source: bollywoodhungama The movie halls of the country get packed to the brim with the movie heroines who get crowded to see the heroines of Mumbai movies. These days, Tihar Jail, which is considered to be the most secure in Asia, is on the verge of breaking because of five heroines of such Mumbai films. Currently, Jacqueline Fernandes and Nora Fatehi are standing at the first position in this work. The world is crazy about whose style, pride and tantrums. Today both of them are wandering around court-court, police station-outposts banging on their doors. In the process of collecting valuable gifts from Sukesh Chandrasekhar, accused of a fraud of 200 crores. Nora Fatehi and Jacqueline Fernandes would not have guessed even in their wildest dreams that there would be such misery and laughter in the world. The police office was turned into a fish market In this case Jacqueline Fernandes and Pinky Irani were interrogated face to face for about eight hours on Wednesday. This inquiry was done in the office of Delhi Police Economic Offenses Wing (EOW). During that time there was fierce tu-tu-main-main between Jacqueline Fernandes and Pinky Irani. In the presence of the police, in order to humiliate each other, both got down to abusive language. Indecent language to such an extent that the police had to pacify them by scolding them. By stating that the EOW office is a police office and not a fish market. Read this also Nora Fatehi’s silence Now the Economic Offenses Prevention Branch has summoned Nora Fatehi in this matter, so that she too can be questioned. It is expected that now there is a preparation to make Nora Fatehi and Pinky Irani sit face to face. Nora Fatehi has been called to the EOW’s headquarters located in the Mandir Marg police station premises in New Delhi district on Thursday. It is important to mention here that till now Nora Fatehi has been questioned four times. Out of these four times, three times the teams of the Enforcement Directorate interrogated Nora Fatehi, while once the Anti-Economic Offenses Wing of the Delhi Police has interrogated her. In all these four interrogations, Nora Fatehi remained silent regarding her sweet-close relationship or friendship with Sukesh Chandrashekhar, who was imprisoned in Tihar. Thinking that her honor might be saved by keeping her mouth shut, while the agencies are adamant that Nora Fatehi herself confesses that she was friends with Sukesh Chandrasekhar and he also presented her with valuable gifts and cash. Mahathug Sukesh Chandrasekhar connection If Jacqueline Fernandes and Nora Fatehi themselves accept this fact, then in further investigation or after reaching the case for trial inside the court, Sukesh Chandrasekhar of the investigating agencies will be called “criminal” in the fraud of 200 crores. It will be easier to get the agreement. There is no doubt about it. The investigating agencies have so far caught that four-five Bollywood actresses including Nora Fatehi, Jacqueline Fernandes had met and talked to Sukesh Chandrasekhar in Tihar Jail. After all, for what purpose did all these actresses come in contact with a thug like Sukesh Chandrasekhar? Only huge amount and gifts were to be taken from this great thug or there was some suspicious intention behind all this. It is important for the agencies to find out. If Delhi Police and ED sources are to be believed, then if Nora Fatehi and Jacqueline Fernandes agree to take gifts in this case, then they can also become witnesses in the court against this Sukesh Chandrashekhar in order to save themselves from the legal clutches. , Which can prove to be the most profitable deal for the investigating agencies. Aspects of agencies’ investigation Amidst all this, the investigating agencies are also trying to find out that Bollywood heroines who should not have had anything to do with the world of crime at all. After all, how did she reach Sukesh Chandrasekhar, the mastermind of the money laundering case? That too when Sukesh is imprisoned in the four walls of a secure jail like Tihar? Till yesterday, Sukesh Chandrashekhar was distributing big money and gifts to Nora Fatehi and Jacqueline Fernandes. In fact, Sukesh Chandrasekhar has also associated his name with himself. Had Sukesh not opened his mouth, the agencies would not have come to know so easily that Bollywood heroines have also been close to this black businessman. It is important to mention that Delhi Police had arrested Sukesh and his actress wife Leena Maria Paul last year on the charges of swindling Rs 200 crore. Only after that this disgusting game got busted. Later, in this case many officers and employees of Tihar Jail were also arrested and filled inside Tihar itself as “accused”, whose connivance remained in this game. Till now Delhi Police has arrested 19 people in this case.

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