This actor of Bhagya Lakshmi fame was influenced by Hollywood rapper Drake, went to Dubai and got his hair styled like him. bhagya laskshmi fame rohit suchanti s hair style inspired by rapper drake actor went to dubai to cut his hair read in hindi

In the upcoming episodes of Bhagya Laxmi, viewers will see how Rishi will try to stop Laxmi from marrying Balwinder and win her heart once again. Hollywood rapper Drake Image Credit source: instagram Zee TV’s famous TV serial Bhagya Lakshmi has been in headlines since its premiere for many reasons. The show is also doing very well on the TRP charts. Aishwarya Khare and Rohit Suchanti are seen playing the lead roles in this serial. At present, an interesting twist is going to come in this show. During this, along with this new twist coming in the fans show, the hair style of the main hero of the serial Rohit Suchanti has also become a topic of discussion. Recently we saw how Rishi (Rohit Suchanti) broke Lakshmi’s (Aishwarya Khare) trust and a divorce is taking place between them. And now while everyone is planning the wedding of Rishi and Malishka (Myra Mishra), Lakshmi has also agreed to marry Balwinder (Ankit Bhatia). Amidst so many exciting twists and turns, it will be very interesting to watch the upcoming track of the show. Here’s a look at Rohit’s new look Rohit’s new look is being liked by the audience Rishi’s new look While the audience is loving Rohit Suchanti’s character Rishi, this year he has trimmed his hair like popular rapper Drake in his new look. Has surprised his fans with the look. In fact, after going to Dubai, he got his haircut done and presented his amazing pictures in black leather jacket to his fans on social media. Read this too, know what Rohit has to say Rohit says, I wanted to change my look for a long time. On New Years I decided to go ahead with this decision and get a Drake haircut because I really love his haircut. I got my hair cut there during my New Year trip to Dubai and personally I feel it suits me really well. I feel more confident than before and I love this new look. It also helps me to perform my role better. I am sure the audience and fans will also like my new look.

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