Sonam Kapoor shared son Vayu’s photo with brother Harshvardhan, said the world’s best maternal uncle.. | sonam kapoor shared a cute picture of her brother harshavardhan kapoor with son vayu called him best mamu check out here

Sonam Kapoor and her family are busy ‘pampering’ their son Vayu. Recently this beautiful actress has shared the photo of her brother and son on social media. Sonam Kapoor shared son Vayu’s photo with brother HarshvardhanImage Credit source: instagram Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor and her husband Anand Ahuja’s house saw the arrival of a little baby boy in August itself. The couple has named their son Vayu. Recently, Sonam Kapoor shared a picture of her son Vayu with her maternal uncle Harshvardhan and called her brother Harshvardhan the best maternal uncle. However, like all the pictures shared by Sonam, the face of her son Vayu is not visible in this picture too. In the picture shared by Sonam of her son Vayu lying on her brother Harshvardhan’s lap, Harshvardhan is wearing a purple T-shirt and Vayu is wearing white colored pajamas with a dark green T-shirt. Sonam shared the picture of her brother and her son on Instagram, in which she put the hash tag #Bhanja#Mamalav. Together Sonam wrote that Vayu loves you very much. You are the best maternal uncle, along with this, Sonam also shared some things before her pregnancy with her fans. Sharing these things with her fans, Sonam wrote that “My pre-natal journey was very different. I was pretty sure that I wanted something as natural as possible. So that natural delivery can be done with minimum hassle. For that I decided to take the help of Gentle Birth Method with Dr. Gaura Motha. See here Sonam Kapoor’s post Sonam Kapoor is spending quality time with family Sonam had also shared a picture of her parents with her son Vayu, putting the parents hash tag. Shortly before, Sonam Kapoor had gone on a holiday with her parents, husband and her son. Where all of them had a lot of fun. In the picture shared by Sonam, in one picture her husband Anand is driving the car. And Sonam is taking the picture. Sonam Kapoor has also uploaded some reels on her Instagram account. In which there is a glimpse of the fun they had during their holidays.

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