Quarrel with mother over making potato paratha, actress committed suicide the next day. After Akanksha Dubey suicide Odia Actress Singer Ruchismita Guru suicide In Mysterious Circumstances

Ruchismita Guru Suicide: Fans could not even recover from the death of Bhojpuri actress Akanksha Dubey that now the news of the death of another actress has disturbed people. On March 26, Oriya actress and singer Ruchismita Guru committed suicide by hanging herself from the ceiling fan. Ruchismita Guru Image Credit source: Instagram Odia Actress Ruchismita Death: After the death of Bhojpuri actress Akanksha Dubey, another sad news is coming out from the entertainment industry. Oriya actress-singer Ruchismita Guru has committed suicide. After this news, the fans and relatives of Ruchismita are in a bad condition. Ruchismita Guru has done acting and singing in many albums. She did many great stage shows and was also very active in the acting world. The whole family is inconsolable due to the sudden death of the actress. Ruchismita died under suspicious circumstances, after which the police is probing the matter. Ruchismita committed suicide on March 26, 2023, when her dead body was found hanging from the fan in her maternal uncle’s house. His dead body was found hanging from the fan in the room. On getting the information, the police of Balangir police station reached the spot. Police has sent the dead body for postmortem. Ruchismita Guru used to live at her maternal uncle’s house in Talpali, Balangir town of Sonepura district. His entire family also used to stay with him at his maternal uncle’s house. Ruchismita had a fight with her mother before her death. Ruchismita’s mother says that there was some argument with her daughter in the night over making potato parathas. Ruchismita’s mother says, ‘I told her to make potato paratha at eight o’clock in the night, but she said that she will make it at 10 o’clock in the night. There was a little fight about this matter. The actress has attempted suicide earlier too. Ruchismita’s family members say that she had attempted suicide many times before. However, now the police is probing the matter. The police is trying to find out why the actress decided to commit suicide. However, a lot will become clear after the post mortem report.

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