Pathan got ‘Modi boon’ 7 days ago, will Boycott campaign be able to stop the record breaking earnings? , Amidst the Pathan controversy PM Modi gave advice to the leaders making statements on films

Controversy started on Pathan film regarding its teaser. When the song Besharam Rang was released on December 12, this protest became a matter of nationwide debate. Now the recent statement of PM Modi has to be linked to this. After the statement of PM Modi, the ongoing controversy over Pathan is expected to calm down. For a few days, Bollywood has been alleging that their films are flopped by running the Boycott trend. Although there are many reasons why films flop, but it is being said continuously that negativity is spread before the release of the film in the name of nation and religion. Its effect is that the film falls upside down on the silver screen. A similar scene has been created for Bollywood’s King Khan Shah Rukh Khan’s much-awaited film Pathan. The debate that started after the release of the film’s teaser turned into a controversy with the song Besharam Rang which is not ending. Now PM Modi has given an important statement regarding the statements being made on films. This statement of his, which came in the midst of the ‘Pathan’ controversy, is considered very important. This statement is also being linked to Sunil Shetty’s appeal which he had made to UP CM Yogi Adityanath a few days ago and appealed to convey his point to PM Modi. Advised to desist from making rhetoric, it seems that Pathan can get life. Why is there a ruckus? Controversy started on the film Barpa Pathan regarding its teaser. When the song Besharam Rang was released on December 12, this protest became a matter of nationwide debate. In fact, people questioned Deepika Padukone’s outfits in the song, especially the saffron bikini. Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Narottam Mishra even warned not to release the film if the objectionable scenes were not removed. There was a lot of opposition to it on Twitter, Facebook and other social media as well. There were trends to boycott the film. Hinduist leaders had made strong comments After the controversy started on Pathan, other leaders along with Hinduists had made strong comments on this. First of all, Maharashtra BJP leader Ram Kadam raised questions on this. He had said that – ‘Controversy has been created under a well-planned conspiracy to get cheap popularity, if any film, TV or serial will hurt the Hindu society, then it will not be allowed to be screened in Maharashtra’. After this, Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Narottam Mishra had warned to remove all objectionable scenes, failing which he had announced not to release the film in MP. In Bihar, BJP leader Hari Bhushan Thakur Bachaul had said that saffron color is a symbol of our religion. This film is an attempt to weaken the Sanatan culture. Hinduist leader Jaibhan Singh Pawaiya had even said that such films should be boycotted till the people who became emperors with the tickets bought by Hindus beg at the Chowpatty’. MP minister OPS Bhadoria had said that why only Hindu deities are targeted. Mahant Raju Das of Ayodhya-based Hanumangarhi had even said that wherever the Pathan film is released, burn that theatre. Talking about films, there was maximum ruckus about Ranbir Kapoor’s film Shamshera. In this, there was a red mark on the forehead of villain Sanjay Dutt, for which there were allegations of hurting the sentiments of Hindu religion. There was a lot of ruckus about Akshay Kumar starrer Samrat Prithviraj, Ranbir Kapoor’s Brahmastra, Gangubai Kathiawadi and Deepika Padukone’s Ramleela and Padmavati. Deepika Padukone’s Bajirao Mastani and Chhapaak, Taapsee Pannu’s film Dobara also had a lot of Boycott trend. Sunil Shetty’s appeal worked! PM Modi’s statement is also being linked to Sunil Shetty’s appeal. In fact, in front of UP CM Yogi Adityanath, who visited Mumbai recently, Sunil Shetty appealed to free the film industry from the Boycott trend and sought his intervention to reach PM Modi. Sunil Shetty had said in front of Yogi Adityanath that- ’90 percent of Bollywood does not take drugs. He just works hard. That’s why it is necessary that the Bollywood Boycott tag should be removed. So that the spoiled image of Bollywood can be rectified. ‘ Sunil Shetty said – ‘This tag needs to be removed. There may be one rotten apple in the basket, not all of us are like that. The stories and music of our films are connected to the world. That’s why there is a need to remove this stigma. Convey this message to PM Narendra Modi as well. Now PM Modi has given advice PM Modi has given advice to party leaders regarding unnecessary comments without taking the name of any film and leader. On the second day of the National Executive, PM Modi said that – ‘No one needs to make unnecessary comments on meaningless issues like films. In such cases, it is better to survive as much as possible. These comments put the agenda of development on the backburner. PM Modi said that – ‘There is a leader who makes more statements, Nadda ji also called him, but he does not agree, what is the need for such statements’. The PM’s statement at such a time is being linked to Pathan, although the PM has given advice to the leaders about all the films without taking the name of any film. If there is no troll then will Pathan be saved? After PM Modi’s advice to the party leaders, it is believed that King Khan’s Pathan may get relief. In fact, BJP and Hinduist leaders were the attackers regarding Deepika Padukone’s outfit in the dishonorable dishonor of Pathan. Now PM Modi has given advice to avoid such issues and not to make unnecessary statements, due to which it is almost certain to ban negative statements. In the coming days, its effect can also be seen on social media, because along with giving advice to the party leaders, PM Modi has also tried to give a message to the country. What is trolling and how does it work? You must have often heard the word troll on social media. If we talk about its literal meaning, troll means to rotate, spin or fish hook, trolling on social media means to attract attention to a particular person, his statement, product or any other aspect. Sometimes trolling is done negatively as well to harass someone or protest against something. In this, any provocative or objectionable message is posted, so that it can be retweeted, shared or reposted as much as possible. This process is called trolling.

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