Paris Hilton: When Paris Hilton was seduced by her ex-boyfriend, pain spilled over the leaked video. Paris Hilton opens leaked private tape memoir calls humiliating experience see details

Paris Hilton Statement: Hollywood model Paris Hilton was put to shame when her intimate video with her ex-boyfriend went viral on social media. Now the model has disclosed this and told how she was cheated and everyone had a lot of fun. Paris HiltonImage Credit source: Instagram Paris Hilton Statement: Paris Hilton is very popular internationally today and the fan following of the model is also strong. Her fashion sense, her look, her style is liked by all the fans. The actress also connects with the fans and shares things related to her life. Recently Paris Hilton shared her sad experience related to sex tape. Paris Hilton’s video with her ex-boyfriend Rick Salomon was leaked, due to which the model had to be embarrassed. Now she has disclosed this and has told how much she was hurt after this incident. Nothing is more important than privacy for anyone. If someone’s private photos and videos go viral on social media, then the problems increase a lot. It is such a bad experience that it is not easy to express. Recently Paris said on the leak of her intimate video – we had a night out and we had a drink too. My ex-boyfriend suggested the idea that we should make a sex video. No third party will see it. He even said that if I am not ready for this, he will find someone else. Read this too- Yes, it hurt a lot, even in moving and breathing- Amitabh was seduced by the injured ex-boyfriend during the action scene Hilton further said that- I did not like the idea of ​​sex. But I was not mature enough to take a decision alone. I avoided. I did it as long as I could. I had taken drugs and alcohol before filming the video. I had to prove myself to him and I did. This video remained alive in my memories. During that time many of my acquaintances had fun. The media made noise about it and it was exaggerated. Even my family members were dragged into it. read this also- Amitabh Bachchan went into a coma after being punched, after 41 years the injury was remembered, the story from where the pregnancy was hidden Let us tell you that Paris Hilton has recently become a mother and she is enjoying her motherhood. . When the model became pregnant, she did not let this thing be shared with anyone. Only he and his partner knew about it. Even from his parents, Paris kept this thing hidden. She wanted to keep this moment confined only to herself. She wanted to enjoy her privacy to the fullest.

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