Geeta Rabari In Uk Video: Dollars and pounds rained on Gujarati singer Geeta Rabari, the voice of ‘Kutchi Queen’ resounded all over London. after america geeta rabari is winning hearts in london uk at her recent performance fans pour dollars and pounds on her watch video

Many artists like Gujarati singer Geeta Rabari Kirtidan Gadhvi, Geeta Rabari perform their concerts in the country as well as abroad. After successfully performing shows in America, now famous Gujarati singer Geeta Rabari is performing her songs in London. This famous singer who sings folk dance and devotional songs is also known by these names as Kutchi Queen and Kutchi Koyal. Not only was she praised at Geeta Rabari’s concert in London recently, but along with praise, the fans present there showered Dollars and Pounds notes on Geeta Rabari. Here’s the performance video of Geeta Rabari at London — Sonali Naik (@oneanonlysonali) June 12, 2022 But Gujrati Garba folk music has gone on and the hall where she is performing is full of houses. Along with Geeta, his team is also present on the stage. His team is playing tabla and other musical instruments. In this video we can see lots of pounds and dollars around Geeta Ben. People praise him and shower money on him. Giving money in this way is considered an honor in some places. Geeta Ben is also seen performing with full enthusiasm. Shows were also done in America Geeta Rabari’s folk music program was organized at Hero Lacey Center in London. Due to the lockdown for the last 2 years, it had become very difficult for artists to perform abroad. During this, the Covid guidelines were also very strict. Now that this epidemic has started to subside. Then all the artists are organizing shows abroad. Geeta Rabari visited America in the month of April. In April, she had done around 15 shows and is now setting the stage on fire in London with her voice. Kapil Sharma and Nora Fatehi also toured abroad Not only singers, but singers and dancers are also busy doing their shows abroad at this time. Like Geeta Rabari, Kapil Sharma is also going to do his comedy shows in America, London and Canada. So recently dancing queen Nora Fatehi did a powerful dance show in Dubai.

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