Finally got the proof! Shubman Gill is dating this famous cricketer’s daughter. Shubman Gill Dating Sachin Tendulkar Daughter Sara Tendulkar And Sara Ali Khan Cricketer Give Clue On Instagram

Shubhman Gill Sara Tendulkar: Cricketer Shubhman Gill is in discussions these days about his affair as well as his game. Shubman Gill’s name was being linked with Sara Ali Khan, but now his Instagram post has revealed the truth that whom he is dating. Shubman Gill Image Credit source: Instagram Shubman Gill Date Sara: Indian cricketer Shubman Gill has been in headlines for a long time regarding his relationship. Shubman Gill’s name has been linked with Sara Ali Khan, but now it is clear who Shubman Gill is dating. In fact, recently, on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, Shubman Gill has shared a post, after which his name is being linked with Sara Tendulkar, daughter of Sachin Tendulkar. The cricketer has given a hint to the fans through his post that he is dating Sara Tendulkar. Shubman Gill’s picture revealed the truth Shubman Gill has shared one of his photos on Instagram, in which he is seen sitting in a restaurant or cafe. He is seen drinking something with a cup in his hand. While sharing this photo of his, Shubman wrote in the caption, ‘Then what day is it today?’ Sara Tendulkar also shared such a photo Let us tell you that a few days ago i.e. in July 2021, Sara Tendulkar also shared a photo. Sara wrote in the caption, ‘Hey Siri, where is my food?’ The background of these pictures of Sara and Shubman is exactly the same. Now after this photo surfaced, fans are speculating that Sara Tendulkar and Shubman Gill are dating each other. This picture of both is from the same day. Shubman Gill’s photo caught people’s attention As soon as Shubman Gill shared this photo, fans are commenting in different ways. One user wrote, ‘Sara Tendulkar’s background.’ Another user has written in the comment, ‘The girl in the back left is also the same guy’. At the same time, another user writes, ‘Brother, look carefully, it has been cut in the post, that is, this photo is old which has been posted’. Name also associated with Sara Ali Khan India’s fast batsman Shubman Gill’s name has also been associated with Sara Ali Khan. When Shubman Gill scored a century, the fans shouted ‘Sara-Sara’. While some time before this, Shubman Gill had reached Sonam Bajwa’s talk show, where he had said on the question of dating Sara Ali Khan, maybe. After this when she was asked who is the fittest actress of Bollywood? So he took the name of Sara Ali Khan. It was from here that the news of his dating with Sara Ali Khan started surfacing, but now everyone has come to know that Shubman is not dating Sara Ali Khan but Sara Tendulkar.

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