Exclusive: Censor is necessary on growing obscenity in folk songs Malini Awasthi | censorship needed for vulgarity in folk songs malini awasthi interview

Interview With Malini Awasthi: In a conversation with TV9, Padma Shri awardee Malini Awasthi says that there are two ways of obscenity in the folk songs sung in the foothills of the Ganges. Firstly, people should stop listening and secondly, the scissors of the censor should work on them like films. Exclusive: Malini Awasthi One evening, a large number of people gather for the Sankatmochan classical music festival in Banaras. Passing through the intersection in front of the temple, a Banarasi with betel leaf in his mouth asked the people… ka baat ho bhaiya… kahe itna crowd lagal ho….. it is learned that folk singer Malini Awasthi has a program today. . On the other hand, in the midst of a packed crowd in the temple, Malini binds the evening by singing the folk song Saawariya Pyara Re Mora Goiyan. We talked to Malini Awasthi, who gave folk songs a place in the era of modern songs and tried to understand some untouched aspects of Malini Awasthi with this music sung in your dialect. In short let us tell you that Malini Awasthi actively sings in 3 folk dialects spoken in the foothills of Ganga. After birth in Kannauj, journey to Mirzapur with doctor father and then got recognition in villages of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh. Another identity associated with this folk singer is her Banarasi saree outfit. Let us tell you that colors have their own importance in folk singing, these colors are full of life and Malini has kept these colors very carefully. Censor on obscenity in folk songs In an exclusive conversation with TV9, Malini says that due to folk singing and the genre, she looks at life differently and feels very happy. Increasing obscenity in songs of local dialects like Bhojpuri Awadhi, Bundeli is becoming a problem. If you see the latest songs of these dialects, your mind will go crazy. On obscene songs, Malini says that good and evil have always existed, but some people are taking advantage of these things. This can be stopped in two ways. The first is that people should refuse to listen to these double meaning songs. Or the other way is that there should be a demand to censor such songs on the lines of films. Some vicious people are responsible for obscenity in folk songs Padma Shri awardee Malini told TV9 that some vicious people are responsible for obscenity in folk songs who write songs in such a way that it becomes difficult for the listener to differentiate between polite and vulgar . Its bad effect is also because nowadays smartphones are in the hands of children. However, there is neither any respect for such songs nor there is any respect for those who sing them in a civilized society. It is necessary to change the thinking of women and girls Malini says that today’s girls and women need to change their thinking. Look at the things of the society from a new perspective. If you have the confidence and talent in yourself then go out and dominate the world. It is not right to lose with mind and thinking. What is Malini doing folk singing can be a medium to make common people aware. That’s why Malini is taking the government’s schemes from election awareness to nutrition to the people through the platform of folk singing. Sonchiriya is encouraging small folk artists through the organization. Malini has started the Loknirmala Award in the name of her mother to encourage women artists.

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