Everything is fine… Pathan can’t digest getting beaten up by John Abraham. pathan film review john abraham vs shahrukh khan fight scene know here story

What did he say that ‘If you keep the party in Pathan’s house, then Pathan will come for the guest Nawaji and will also bring Pathakhe’… The party has happened. John Abraham came to the feast and showered a lot… Shahrukh Khan-John Abraham Image Credit source: Instagram Pathan, Pathan, Pathan… suddenly this silence. Screaming whistles all closed. Fierce fight. The hand went into that box to pick up the popcorn but did not come out for 10-15 minutes. Oh sorry, the Pathan with six pack in front was getting beaten badly by the one with 8 pack. Bodybuilder John’s punches were raining like a monkey plays Damru and Dhol after stuffing a key in a toy. Pathan will now rise, Pathan will rise again, Pathan will kill, Pathan will rise… People in the theater were shouting as if he would appear there now. Soldier of Madras Cafe was a terrorist today. John’s veins were coming out in such a way that he felt that Pathan had died. But the story is still pending, so please don’t disturb. The uncle next to me giggled as if Mithun Chakraborty of his time had been maligned. It was remembered from Mithun’s fighting that the more his hands and legs used to move, the more the sounds of hua..hua..wa used to come from his mouth. Then suddenly Pathan regains consciousness. For a moment it felt as if Sunil Shetty’s soul had entered Pathan. A blood-soaked Pathan is crawling on the ground. The spirit of saving the country is in the eyes, but in front John Abraham, Baap Re Baap… This man is a booster dose of strength. Hey brother! He is the one who throws away carts with his hands, then what will a 70 kg Pathan do in front of him? Please save Pathan… Pakistan is creating biological war. Complete preparation has been done. Any time the button on the remote will be pressed and the nefarious plan will be successful. Please save Pathan. Pathan save my country, friend. Man, will these 8 and 50 packs remain packs. Open them Hey man, what will he be able to save, if Sunny Deol was there then the matter would have been different. See, in one kick of John, Pathan keeps on slipping. It is blessed that there was a wall, otherwise the film would have ended here. Just pick up the Pathan remote, there is a remote lying at some distance. This is the same remote, the moment it is pressed, destruction will come in India. Such a devastation that will be bigger than Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Pathan has to save the country at any cost. The couple sitting next to them left the crooked posture and came in a completely opposite posture. Because now Pathan will die… Thank God, the country has been saved… What did he say that ‘If you keep the party in Pathan’s house, then Pathan will come for the guest Nawaji and will also bring Pathakhs along with him’… The party has happened. John Abraham came to the party and showered heavily but in the last few minutes, Pathan regains consciousness and with this the atmosphere of the entire theater became similar to that which happens outside the leader’s house after winning the election. The rest is OK. Then what..the same thing happens in other films. Pathan takes the remote and saves the country….

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