Comedian Vir Das: The controversial video of Vir Das went viral, hurt people’s feelings again with his words. Comedian Vir Das shares old controversial video viral on social media read story in hindi

Recently, Comedian Vir Das has shared an old video on his official Instagram. Which has created controversy on the internet. Viral video of comedian Vir DasImage Credit source: Instagram Who does not know the stand up comedian Vir Das who is surrounded by controversies. Comedian Vir Das has once again come into the limelight for his controversial comments. Recently, he has once again shared a video in which he is seen making fun of the country. He shared this video on his Instagram. There has been a ruckus on social media regarding the video as soon as it was posted. In his controversial video, he has joked by referring to the legal actions to be taken for mocking the sentiments of the people in the country. Let’s know why Veer Das is surrounded in controversies once again? Recently, the video of comedian Vir Das shared on Instagram has created a new controversy. However, the comedian has a deep connection with controversies. Please tell that Vir Das has said in his video that, ‘Comedians can be slapped anytime in the country. We do not ask who killed, rather we ask why he was killed. Not only this, in front of this, Veer Das himself answering the question asked by him said that anyone can be slapped in the name of treason, defamation and hurting sentiments. Actually, this is a clip of an old show of Veer Das which he has now posted. Controversy has arisen on this as soon as it was posted. Read this too Controversy on Instagram Vir Das shared this video on his official Instagram handle on Monday. This video of his is a clip of an old show, on which a new controversy has arisen. In his video, the comedian has tried to show that in India anyone can be punished or slapped in the name of inciting sentiments. People have started criticizing this video post of Veer Das. Veer Das’s comedy often overshadows the users who are criticizing the video. People are not getting entertained by this controversial video of him going viral, but yes people are definitely criticizing him. A user has written on his joke that, ‘So according to you, Nupur Sharma should be arrested in the name of hurting sentiments but not the comedian who does sloppy comedy. What a strange duplicity.

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