Tomato Theft | Tomato is breaking all records, it is so expensive that now people are becoming ‘tomato thieves’, know what is the price today

File Photo New Delhi. Where on one hand inflation is reaching its peak. Even today the prices of vegetables are on the sky. This time, due to inflation, Tomato Prices have become so red that buying them has now become a distant dream for us and you. Something similar has now happened to ginger, lemon, chilli and other vegetables. Their prices have now reached from Rs 100 to Rs 400 per kg. Tomato is now robbing the pocket, if seen, tomato has broken all the records of high price so far. Now where good quality tomato is being sold up to Rs.200 per kg. At the same time, ordinary tomatoes are being sold for up to Rs.120 at some places. Apart from this, green chillies, ginger and other vegetables are also being sold at high prices due to which poor and middle class people have to think before buying vegetables. Theft of Tomatoes Amidst the steep rise in tomato prices in Karnataka, some unknown miscreants have made away with tomatoes worth lakhs of rupees from a field in Hassan district here. In fact, on July 4, a farmer named Dharini returned home from his tomato field after completing his work in Goni Somanahalli village of Belur taluk in Hassan district. The poor man was planning to harvest his crop and take it to the market. But when he went to the farm last Wednesday morning, he was shocked because by then the thieves had cleared their hands of tomatoes worth lakhs of rupees. On the other hand, according to Dharini and her relatives, the thieves have taken away about 50-60 sacks of tomatoes, whose value today is more than Rs 1.5 lakh. The troubled farmer has lodged a complaint at the nearby police station. Police is currently investigating the matter. Will the prices of tomatoes be reduced, according to the same reports, according to vegetable vendors, tomatoes have become as expensive as never before this year, but they have to do business, so they have to bring and sell expensive tomatoes now. Along with this, other vegetables including colocasia and capsicum are being sold from Nagpur in Maharashtra, whose prices are even more expensive. The main reason for the increase in tomato prices is the attack of pests on the produce due to the sudden rise in temperature in March and April.

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