tomato price | There is no relief in tomato prices, know what is the rate in which city?

New Delhi/Mumbai: The whole city of the country is in the grip of the increased price of tomatoes. Tomatoes are being sold at different prices in all the cities. If we leave some cities, then the price of tomato ranges from Rs 100 per kg to Rs 150 per kg. Let us see in which city the price of tomato is. Tomato price in these cities is beyond 100 City tomato price per kg (Rs/kg) Mumbai Rs 120/kg Delhi Rs 123/kg Lucknow Rs 147/kg Chennai Rs 105/kg Raipur Rs 120/kg Kolkata Rs 155/kg Gurugram Rs 140/Kg Agartala Rs 110/Kg Jammu and Kashmir Rs 107/Kg Itanagar Rs 100/Kg Chennai Rs 105/Kg Panaji Rs 110/Kg Rudrapur Rs 113/Kg Gangotak Rs 120/Kg Ahmedabad Rs 100/Kg These cities Tomato price in below 100 cities Tomato price Rs per kg (Rs/kg) Chandigarh Rs 79 per kg Amritsar Rs 93 per kg Hyderabad Rs 98 per kg Bengaluru Rs 90 per kg Bhopal Rs 90 per kg Guwahati Rs 90 per kg

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