Tata will make iPhone | Now Tata will make iPhone! Price will decrease, know where the manufacturing plant will be

File Photo Mumbai: Using iPhone is still out of reach of common people. The reason for this is its cost. Till now, users had to pay a lot of money to buy iPhone, but now Indians are going to get a big gift and buying iPhone is going to be cheaper. Now the production of iPhone will be taken over by the prestigious Indian company Tata (Tata iPhone), Tata will soon buy a new manufacturing plant to make iPhone in India. After getting this production plant, iPhones will be manufactured in India and their import tax will be reduced and Indian users will have to pay less than now to buy them. Tata Group is going to acquire Wistron’s iPhone maker by the end of April. After this Tata company will start production of iPhone. Wistron may cut staff According to reports, Tata Group has started making organizational changes in the plant. Around 2,000 workers are likely to be laid off at the factory as part of the acquisition process. About 400 mid-level employees may also be retrenched. It is being told that after this deal, Tata Group will start manufacturing of iPhone 15. Wistron’s Indian plant is currently manufacturing the iPhone 12 and iPhone 14. Also read Production to begin as soon as plant takeover is complete After Tata takes over the Bengaluru plant, Wistron will be completely out of the Indian market as it was the only plant manufacturing Apple products in India. India’s market for Apple products is around $600 million. The deal is being seen as a significant development, especially at a time when Apple is looking to shift manufacturing from China to India. Tata company will start production of iPhone 15 in India. According to an estimate, the price of iPhone 15 can be reduced significantly. Tata company has always taken special care of quality, which is a matter of happiness for Indian users. Production of the iPhone 15 will begin in India as soon as the plant takeover is complete and it will be available for purchase for Indian users after the launch.

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