Storm in Vegetable Price | Vegetables are very expensive in Maharashtra including the capital Delhi, tomatoes are getting 100 to 160 rupees / kg, cabbage

File Photo New Delhi. Where at this time the prices of vegetables have increased in many parts of the country. Whereas in Delhi, tomatoes are available at Rs 100 per kg, cabbage at Rs 80 per kg, okra and brinjal at Rs 50 per kg. Yes, with the onset of monsoon, the people of Delhi have once again been hit by inflation. In fact, tomatoes which were sold at Rs 20 per kg last month are now being sold at Rs 100 per kg in retail shops. Apart from this, the prices of many vegetables including okra, capsicum, radish, cabbage have increased. The same situation has happened in Maharashtra as well, where now the prices of vegetables are skyrocketing. New Delhi | Price of tomatoes rises due to heavy rainfall. “Tomato is being sold at a price of Rs 80 Kg. The rate has suddenly shot up in the last two-three days. This sudden increase in price is due to heavy rainfall. Rain has destroyed tomatoes,” says Mohammad Raju, a resident of… — ANI (@ANI) June 27, 2023 . In such a situation, there is a rise in the prices of vegetables. According to the Vegetable Traders Association of Delhi’s Azadpur Sabzi Mandi, crops have been damaged in many states due to the rains. This has affected the rate of green vegetables. Most of the tomatoes used to come from Himachal Pradesh in the mandis of Delhi, but there only about 40% of the crop has been saved. Tomato crop is over in Bengaluru. As a result, now the prices are skyrocketing. Vegetable prices skyrocketing in the retail market Tomato: Rs 100/kg Cauliflower: Rs 160/kg Capsicum: Rs 80/kg Zucchini: Rs 60/kg Potato: Rs 20/kg Onion: Rs 30/kg And if we talk about Maharashtra’s Nagpur, among vegetables, tomatoes are currently being sold at Rs 100 per kg. This price has increased since last three days. And last month tomato was being sold at Rs.20/kg. Here capsicum is being sold at Rs.80 per kg. Last month, the price of capsicum was Rs.40. Apart from this, the prices of all vegetables including cauliflower, potatoes have also increased.

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