Rs 2000 Note | ‘Exercise’ to change 2000 note starts from today, till September 30, you will be able to ‘change or deposit’ in banks, ID is not required

File Pic New Delhi. Today i.e. Tuesday, May 23, the process of changing 2000 notes is starting in all the banks of the country. Be aware that, 3 days before today i.e. on May 19, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) had announced to withdraw the 2000 note from circulation. In such a situation, now customers can get 2000 notes changed in banks or deposited in their accounts by 30 September. Although the 2000 note will remain legal even after the deadline of RBI. That is, the existing notes will not be invalid. The deadline is only to encourage people to return these notes to the banks at the earliest. What is the guideline of RBI-SBI that now no ID is required to exchange notes. No form will have to be filled to change the note. Only 10 notes i.e. notes of maximum 20 thousand rupees will be changed at a time. But there will be no limit on depositing these notes in the account. Banks will no longer issue 2000 notes. Guidelines for banks Banks were asked to arrange shady places and water for the people in view of the heat. Keep a daily account of how many notes have been exchanged and how many have been deposited. Please inform that, 2 thousand note came in the market in November 2016. Then Prime Minister Narendra Modi had closed 500 and 1000 notes. However, in its place, a new note of 500 and 2000 was issued in the new pattern. RBI has stopped printing of 2000 notes from the year 2018-19. Explain that the main reason behind changing the note was to eliminate fake notes. But after this demonetisation, in the next two years, 56% of the fake notes caught were of Rs 2000 notes.

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