Mutual Funds | 25 equity funds gave strong returns of up to 45%

Mumbai: After staying in a limited range for about 7 months, the stock market is now touching new heights again. Most of the factors have turned positive with the economy picking up pace. Due to which there has been new enthusiasm among domestic and foreign investors and other indices including the main benchmark Sensex and Nifty have started reaching new high levels. For the first time this week, Sensex touched 65,899 points and Nifty touched 19,523 points. Looking at the way the Sensex has crossed the 65,000 mark at a fast pace from its previous high of 63,583 points (which was made on 1 December 2022), it seems that the rally may be prolonged with some downside in the market. Is. But investors should always keep in mind that the stock market is a market full of uncertainties, in which direct investment also carries a lot of risk. An investor who regularly tracks his investment after getting complete information with research can be successful in getting good returns, but for a retail investor, this task is very difficult. That’s why it is considered safe and right for a retail investor to invest in the stock market through Mutual Funds. This is the reason why mutual funds are becoming popular. But due to hundreds of schemes (Funds) of 44 mutual fund companies (Fund Houses) operating in India, there is also a state of confusion as not all schemes are able to perform well. The schemes of only those fund houses which have a team of smart fund managers are able to perform well. That’s why it is necessary for investors to think carefully before investing in mutual fund schemes. For the convenience of the investors, in this article ‘’ is giving information about the best schemes. In which lakhs of investors have got returns more than the benchmark in the past years and have created good wealth. Top 25 Equity schemes across Largecap, Large & Midcap, Midcap, Smallcap and Multicap fund categories have given healthy returns ranging from 25% to 45% as on June 30, 2023. 22% in Sensex-Nifty and 30% jump in midcap and smallcap. The benchmarks of largecap fund schemes, which are considered the safest among equity funds, are mainly considered as Nifty and Sensex. During the last 12 months (July 2022 to June 2023), Sensex and Nifty have registered a gain of 22%. There has been a jump of 30% in BSE Midcap and Smallcap. While there are only a few funds in the largecap category, whose returns have been higher than the Nifty. Number one in this has been the ‘Navbharat Platinum Award’ awardee Nippon India Large Cap Fund, which has made investors rich by providing strong returns of 32%. Its fund managers are Shailesh Raj Bhan and Ashutosh Bhargava. HDFC Top 100 Fund has been in the second place, which has given 26.4% returns. Its fund manager is Rahul Baijal. Edelweiss Large Cap Fund is at the third position with 26.3% returns. Its fund managers are Bhavesh Jain and Bharat Lahoti. While SBI Bluechip Fund has been at the fourth position with 25.7% returns. Its fund manager is Sohini Andani. While DSP Top 100 Equity Fund stood at the fifth position with 25.7% returns. Its fund managers are Abhishek Singh and Jai Kothari. All these fund managers are making their investors happy by investing smartly and making good returns from the market. There is also an important fact that it is difficult to get this much return by investing directly in the companies included in Sensex or Nifty as not all stocks give profit. Like in the last one year all the shares of Sensex are not in profit. The stock of the biggest company Reliance has got a return of only 6%. TCS also has modest returns. While Infosys and Wipro have losses. Also read Success from ‘GARP’ investment strategy: Ashutosh Bhargava Head-Equity Research, Nippon India Mutual Fund Ashutosh Bhargava says Nippon India Mutual Fund ‘Growth at Reasonable’ to provide better returns to investors Price’ (GARP) investment strategy and this is also giving us success, which is clearly visible in the performance of our schemes. Our focus is more on high growth sectors. Growth is taking place in sectors with domestic demand. That’s why we are paying special attention to bottom-up research and risk management, focusing only on sectors with domestic demand. We invest in high growth stocks with a balanced approach rather than being overweight on any one sector. We give equal attention to all the schemes. Due to this there is consistency in the performance of our funds. Focus on Growth and Reasonably Valued Quality Stocks: Anand Varadarajan Anand Varadarajan, Business Head, Tata Mutual Fund, says that the large cap fund category is a very competitive one. In this, our fund managers have done exceptionally well and have provided good returns to the investors of Tata Large Cap Fund. Whereas in Tata Large & MidCap Fund and Tata SmallCap Fund we focus on two types of stocks. In one, we select high quality stocks with study compounding ie steady growth. Secondly, rerated stocks, which are currently volatile, but have a lot of potential for high growth in the future. Let’s select such stocks. Large and midcap funds keep this ratio around 50:50%. Whereas in Smallcap fund, 70% invests in reddit stocks and 30% in studied growth stocks. Apart from this, we build our portfolio on the basis of Growth at Reasonable Price to reduce the risk in all Equity Funds. That is, we select only stocks with growth and fair value. Due to this investment strategy, all the funds have performed well and generated good returns.

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