Meta Layoff | Retrenchment in Meta in the name of cost cutting, laid off 10,000 employees, sent e-mail to 5,000 people

File Photo Mumbai: If there is a picture of recession-like situation in IT and tech companies, it is seen that many companies have adopted the path of employee reduction in the name of cost cutting. Meta Company has also now shown the way home to 10,000 employees and has started the process of sending such notices to these employees. Meta had announced this in March itself. It is being told that so far e-mails have been sent to about 5,000 employees. In the last few years, many big and small companies of the world have laid off employees. Meta, the parent company of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram, has begun the process of laying off 10,000 more employees across its various platforms. Earlier, Meta had laid off 11,000 employees in November 2022, which was 13 per cent of its total workforce. After these reductions, the number of employees in Meta will be the same as before by the middle of 2021. After the outbreak of Corona, the company had made a big recruitment. The meta company has now announced the cuts via professional social media platform LinkedIn. Disney will lay off 4,000 employees Similarly, American giant mass media and entertainment company Walt Disney has also started the second round of layoffs. Around 4,000 employees will lose their jobs in this round. Earlier this year, Disney laid off 7,000 employees. Read this also Big layoffs in tech companies Tech companies have done big layoffs this year in view of the economic slowdown. Accenture, Amazon, Meta and other tech companies have announced massive layoffs. Amazon 27 thousand, Meta 21 thousand, Accenture 19 thousand, Microsoft 10 thousand, Alphabet 12 thousand, Selfforce 8 thousand, HP 6 thousand, IBM 3 thousand 900, Twitter 3 thousand 700 and Sagagate 3 Thousands of employees have been laid off. Tech company International Business Machines Corp (IBM) is currently working on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and has stopped hiring. The company currently has approximately 26,000 employees in inactive roles. 30% of the workforce to be replaced by AI in 5 years. This means that IBM can lay off around 7800 employees and use AI in those positions.

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