Mark Zuckerberg | Mark Zuckerberg overtakes Mukesh Ambani in the list of rich, earned more than one billion dollars in a day

File Photo Mumbai: Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani has overtaken Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in the list of the richest. Ambani has moved from 12th to 13th position in the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. Facebook CEO’s net worth increased by $ 10.2 billion to $ 87.3 billion in a day. Mukesh Ambani now has assets worth $82.4 billion. The boom in the American stock market has led to a huge increase in the wealth of American billionaires. Meta shares closed up nearly 14%. Meanwhile, the Dow Jones, the major index of the US stock market, jumped 1.57% or 524 points to close at 33826. Meanwhile, the S&P 500 rose 1.96%, or 79 points. The biggest jump in the Nasdaq was 2.43%. It closed at 12142, up 287 points. So Amazon Inc registered a growth of 4.61%, Apple 2.84%, Microsoft 3.20%. Tesla Inc.’s shares also climbed nearly 65%. This affected the wealth of billionaires associated with these companies and a huge increase was registered in it. American billionaires dominate the top-10 The top-10 billionaires of the Bloomberg Billionaires Index earned around $ 25 billion. Add to that the earnings of Zuckerberg, who ranks 12th, at about $35 billion. In the list of billionaires, Bernard Arnault is at the first place with $208 billion, Elon Musk at second place with $162 billion and Jeff Bezos at third place with $133 billion. File Photo Read also Bill Gates is fourth with $122 billion, Warren Buffett fifth with $115 billion, Larry Ellison sixth with $107 billion and Steve Vollmer seventh with $106 billion. Larry Page is at number eight with assets of $ 99.1 billion and Sergey Brin is at number nine with assets of $ 94.7 billion. American billionaires dominate the top-10. At number ten is Francois Bettencourt Meyers of France, whose total assets are $ 94.6 billion. Adani is currently at 21st position.

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