Indian Railways | Railway’s big decision, printing press will be closed, another step towards Digital India

File Photo Mumbai: You will be stunned to hear the new decision taken by the Indian Railways. Railways has decided to shut down its remaining printing presses. In the coming time, their contract can be given to private vendors. Taking another step towards Digital India, the Railway Board has taken this decision. Decision taken to close 9 out of 14 printing presses Such a decision was taken in 2017 during the tenure of the then Railway Minister Piyush Goyal, in which discussions were held on the closure of printing presses run by the Railways. After the closure of these printing presses, the entire contract for printing will be given to private vendors. After this, preparations will be made to shut down the printing press. At that time some printing presses were operated after the closure of the printing presses. Now a decision is being taken to close the printing press as well. According to reports, the Ministry of Railways has decided to shut down 9 out of 14 printing presses. Rest 5 printing presses were kept in the possession of Railways. Now it has been decided by the Railways to close this printing press. The decision to shut down printing presses in Mumbai, Howrah, Delhi, Chennai and Secunderabad has been taken in a recent order by the Railways. Also read Printing contract to be given to private printing press The letter dated June 4, 2019 called for the closure of the press. After this news, the question arises that how will railway tickets be printed in future? Sources say that the government is trying to give tender to private printing presses for this work. The contract for printing tickets and other material will be given to private printing presses. Meanwhile, the Railways will now focus only on running trains. According to the data released by the Railways, reserved tickets are mostly booked through e-ticketing. Apart from this, 81% of the tickets are booked digitally through e-ticketing.

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