India Vs China | India is the first choice of investors. Surpassing China as the most attractive emerging market for investment

New Delhi. India has overtaken China as the most attractive emerging market for investment. This conclusion has been revealed in a survey of major central banks and government asset funds around the world. A survey of 57 central banks and 85 sovereign wealth funds with $21 trillion in assets has picked India over China as the most attractive emerging market, global investment management firm Invesco said in a report released on Monday. Is. According to the report, India is increasingly viewed positively due to its improved business and political stability, favorable demographics, regulatory initiatives and friendly environment for public sector investors. The report has been prepared on the basis of views of 142 chief investment officers of central banks and sovereign wealth funds. According to the report, investors are rearranging their portfolios in times of high inflation and real interest rates. Sovereign wealth funds prefer fixed income and private debt, while emerging markets like India, with their strong demographics, political stability and active regulation, have emerged as prime investment destinations. “Among emerging markets, India has attracted the most interest from government investors, surpassing China,” the report says. Also read: According to the report, India is equipped with the features that government investors like. As a result, India has now overtaken China as the most attractive market for emerging market investments. India is among countries, including Mexico and Brazil, that are benefiting from increased foreign corporate investment to meet domestic and international demand. The report says that India and South Korea continue to be the most attractive destinations in terms of attractive emerging markets to raise investment. (agency)

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